Friday, June 4, 2010

Round 3... Bring it!!!

Hello Everybody!

Last time I blogged with an update I was 48 hours home from the hospital.  I'm now 13 days home and finally feeling really good  :)  Of course we know what that means, back to the hospital I go!  Tuesday I'll be checking in for Round 3 of in-patient chemo.

I actually had a short, 5-hour hospital stay yesterday...  I had a check up appt with Dr. X yesterday morning.  It was routine and I was off to run errands and enjoy my day.  Well, a couple hours later my phone rings and it's Dr. X saying I needed to go the the hospital right away!  What?!  My bloodwork came back and showed I was critically anemic.  I spent the evening being transfused with 2 pints of blood, plus a shot in the arm to stimulate red blood cell growth.  I felt okay yesterday but today my color is awesome.  I'm now nice and rosey cheeked with pretty pink lips.  I didn't realize how pale I was yesterday!

The time spent in the out-patient infusion center last night was enriching.  I learned alot listening to and observing the nurses and the other chemo patients.  We all shared stories of our side effects, complications and insights... the nurses shared stories about how funny we can be as patients ;)  This fight can be a complicated and trying one that's for sure, but interacting with them all was a really positive experience.  It was interesting to be in a room with people who truly understand and have experienced firsthand the same things I am experiencing.

Recovery from this latest round was different from the first one. The first round was very hard hitting and intense with more side effects. This round wasn't as extreme and the recovery reflected that. While the chemo definitely takes it's toll on a body, I found out yesterday, it's the Nuplasta shot they give me the day after chemo ends that gives me the bone aching and the flu'ish symptoms. The shot stimulates white blood cell production. This time around the nurse suggested I take some Claritin and some Tylenol and those should help with the discomfort. Happily there was no throwing up this treatment or recovery! I was pleasantly surprised by this. I'm crossing my fingers that's the case again.

The current plan is that this third chemo round will be followed by a fourth, and hopefully final, round starting 6/29.  Cross your fingers for me!  I'll be back in touch post hosptial (I should be home next Saturday).  Send lots of healing thoughts my way, and as always, thank you!!!

Much love,  Reba