Thursday, November 4, 2010

Checking in!

It's November!  Not that you'd know it on a day like today...  it's currently 97 degrees in San Diego!  Yikes!!!
Tomorrow will be the end of my 5th week back at work fulltime.  It has gone SO quickly.  I feel so normal again...  when I think about all I went through it seems like a dream now.  I'm amazed everyday with my outcome and I am ever so grateful.

What prompted me to blog today is the billboards, radio ads and website reference to my amazing oncologist, Dr. Marin Xavier, and another miracle patient, Diana Sanchez.  Perhaps you've heard the radio spots or have seen the billboards with Diana and her two young sons on it?!  You can also visit  and read her story and watch a video with Dr. Xavier in it.  Where she is being filmed is in the actual hallway of the floor at Mercy where I spent so many days and nights this Spring and Summer.  While Diana and I are living miracles, Dr. Xavier and many other fine doctors and nurses are truly miracle workers. 

Life is so incredibly precious and my life is amazing!  I have great friends, a wonderful job, loving family, including my beloved daughter, son-in-law, grandson and a new granddaughter coming in the New Year!!!  I am truly blesssed.

A big shout out to my dear friend, Nancy, this week.  She had surgery and the outcome was the best case scenario.  Another miracle!!!  So grateful for her good news  :)

Happy Fall everyone!  I hope your Halloween was lot's of fun and that you all enjoy the rest of the upcoming holidays as well!  I'll be thinking of you and wishing you well.

Much love, Reba

Oh!  I almost forgot to tell you!  I have the cutest short hair  :)  So cute in fact that I'm thinking of keeping it short.  I get compliments all the time and it's SOOOOO easy to take care of!  I will try to get a picture posted sometime soon.