Friday, September 24, 2010

Wow... has it really been 3 weeks?!

So much for my blogging weekly!  Oops!  3 weeks has literally flown by.
I'm back at work part time until October 1 when it will be full days/full time once again.  It feels great to be back in the real world!  After spending so many months in a bubble the real world is simply amazing.  So full of life, living and love.  I feel more and more like myself everyday... but an even better me.  I've definitely come through this a changed person.  Changed for the better  :)

Health update... hmmm, let's see...  I had a mammogram 2 weeks ago.  There was a small scare but it all turned out a-ok.  Monday I will be having an MRI on my low back due to regular back aches and I will also have my first post-treatment PT scan.  I believe the backaches are simply because my abdominal muscles are weak still but Dr. X wants to make sure.  The PT scan is the big test and when it comes back clean I will be doing cartwheels in celebration!!! Thursday I will have a colonoscopy, NOT FUN but a necessary cancer screening.  Dr. X assured me there would be plenty of screenings in my future and she wasn't joking!  I saw my surgeon this week and things are good in that department.  She told me I can start exercising and building my core strength as long as it doesn't hurt.  That was good news  :)

I feel amazing!  Sometimes this whole thing seems surreal...  I know I went through a lot but I'm feeling so good and so normal it's hard to believe sometimes.  It truly is amazing what our bodies are capable of enduring and it's amazing that we can heal so well.  I'm truly blessed.

HAIR!  I have hair!!!  The last week or so it's really taken off...  I sort of feel like a Chia Pet!  I can't really tell what color or texture it's going to be just yet.  It is really dark though... stay tuned!

Well, it's Friday and I hope you all had a really nice week.  Enjoy your weekend!!!

Much love,  Reba