Monday, August 23, 2010

No news is GOOD news.

Hello All!

I was visiting work the other day and ran into a couple of people that commented on how infrequently I blog these days... my response was "no news is good news!".  I've been feeling great and just using my days to catch up on things, visit people and work on getting my strength back.  I haven't actually gone back to yoga since that so-called gentle class kicked my booty but I am planning on attending a yoga class for cancer survivors this Wednesday.  Stay tuned for the results on this second attempt.  Ha ha ha!

My official return-to-work date has been set  :)  I will be going back 9-15-10 and working part-time until October 1st when I will resume full-time.  I am actually very excited about going back.  It will be nice to have structure and a purpose again.  Returning to work will normalize my life real quick ;)

No health updates really...  I have a regular check up with my oncologist this Friday.  My next scan will probably be around the 3rd week of September.  It will be a PT scan and when I clear that I will be really confident and my being "cured".  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The big news this week is HAIR!  I have a nice growth of fuzz at this time and I have a feeling within the next 4 - 8 weeks I will have what should pass as normal hair!  As long as no scalp is showing, even if it looks like a super short man's cut, I will be thrilled to no longer have to wear head covers.  I rarely wear my wig (too itchy and binding) but I do wear caps or bandanas.  Speaking of which, do any of you know anyone who has actually used Ovation Cell Therapy for hair growth?  I'm wondering if it might work to speed things up for me.  I'm going to ask my doctor Friday also.

Ok, I'm off to eat a really yummy lunch.  Brenna's mother-in-law, Linda, made me stuffed peppers!  I've never had one so I'm pretty excited  :)

I hope this note finds you all HaPpY!  Have a great week everyone!

xo Reba