Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm doing cartwheels!

Sooooooooo happy!  The fabulous Dr. Xavier called today to inform me 1. the MRI of my lower spine was normal.  2.  The colonoscopy polyp was benign.  3.  My PET scan was clean, clean, CLEAN!  Woo hoo! I'm cancer-free and fit as a fiddle  :)  So blessed and amazed at my good news.  While I can totally believe it, it's a little hard to believe!  Jay just bought me dinner to celebrate and I even had a yummy glass of red wine. 

                                                               LIFE IS GOOD.

I'm back at work full-time and am loving it!  Life feels so normal again and it's a beautiful thing.  I'm a happy camper.  :)

So now what?!  I plan on being the best me I can be.  I want to get in shape, eat right and respect my amazing, strong body.  I want to find ways to give back.  I want to explore, expand and discover.  But most of all, I want to make sure each and every one of you knows how much I love you and how much I thank you for all your love and support!  You all made this miracle possible by lifting me up, making me laugh and keeping me positive.  I could not have done this without you.

Many people have asked what the biggest thing I've learned from this experience is.  Well, there's a few.  First, listen to your body and respect it's messages.  But, on the other hand, don't obsess...  find the balance.  This is true for life in general.  It's all about respect and balance.  Don't sweat the small stuff!  Find the beauty in every day and in all people.  Don't be critical, of yourself or others...  you never know what someone might have going on in their life.  LOVE!!!  with all your heart.  SMILE!!!  the world will smile with you.  GIVE!!!  what you can...  whether it be a hug, a hand, or a prayer.  No gesture is ever too big or too small.  One of my favorite quotes is, "One person can make a difference.  And everyone should try." - John F. Kennedy.  If you are stuck, get unstuck.  Whether you believe you can or you can not, you are right.  Speak up for yourself.  Be kind.  Play.  Be silly.  Laugh.  Do yoga.  Meditate.  Read.  Dance.  Move.  Shake things up! 
                                                     ***Find what makes YOU happy!!!***

The future's so bright.  I am overjoyed at the prospect of getting to be of part of my beloved Tate Thomas' world as he grows into a young man and to watching Travis and Brenna welcome their new little girl into this world in January.  I can't wait to spoil my Granddaughter ;)

I feel like I've been through one crazy storm and was spit out the other end, miracously, in one piece.  Wow.  I probably won't be doing much blogging from here on out, but please feel free to catch up with me on Facebook or email me if you want to check in  :)  I'd love to hear from you!  Heck, I'd love to visit with all of you too!!!  Just give me a call or email and we'll make some plans.  I've got a whole lot of livin' to do!

With much love and gratitude,

Reba xoxo

*Leave a comment below if you need my personal email address and/or phone number  :)


  1. You are so beautiful Reba. You are an inspiration to us all. Welcome back!

  2. With tears in my eyes, and so much joy in my heart. You lift me up with your beautiful outlook. Thank you, and may God continue to bless you every single day!

  3. Wow Reba! What fantastic news for you to share with us! I'm so thrilled and inspired and motivated by you. You have been a wonderful person, friend, mother and co-worker for the past many years...I can only imagine how incredible the NEW REBA is/will be as you seek to improve on something already quite awesome. So glad you are going to be motivating and inspiring us, and so many others, for quite a long time to come! XO!! Craigger

  4. Congrads. Glad things are working out. Please keep me updated for any email/phone changes.



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